Why we designed Angel Ventlock® child safety window restrictors

Each year, children needlessly fall through open widows and are permanently injured or killed. Often because a window has been left open a few inches to provide ventilation, a child can open it and fall through. Accidents like this can happen in seconds, but they can be prevented. The cause can often be traced to the lack of a child safety window restrictor or window opening control device (WOCD). It can also be a result of fitting a device that does not meet ASTM standards.

Recognising the need for legislation to improve window safety, the window industry has worked tirelessly to improve standards. Organizations such as the Window Safety Task Force of the National Safety Council have helped produce a new standard. ASTM F2090. For the first time, this includes window opening control devices that permit emergency escape and rescue – devices suitable for use on egress windows.

Designed & patented by Mighton Products, to comply with the ASTM legislations and meet the stringent requirements of the UK Police ‘Secured By Design’ initiative.

Angel Ventlock® child safety window restrictors:

  • You can vent your home & keep your children safe from window falls.
  • Provide egress in the case of fire or emergency without the need for a key.
  • Provide added security by impeding intruders and reducing crime.

Our child safety window restrictors do not detract from the appearance and overall function of the window. The device can be integrated into production easily by window manufacturers or installed retrospectively in a few minutes.

If your window restrictor is fitted correctly, you should not be able to open a window restrictor from outside. Window restrictors are designed to ventilate your home, whilst ensuring your window does not open fully.

The highest standards of safety

For these reasons, Angel Ventlock® window opening control devices (WOCD) are chosen by homeowners and responsible parents alike & fitted by numerous window manufacturers throughout the world. And the reason? because they all believe Angel Ventlock® to be the safest choice for child window fall prevention.

Market-leading child safety window restrictors, chosen by parents, proven to be effective & simple to fit. Child window safety is no accident.