Face Fix Drilling Jig/Bit

Face Fix Drilling Jig/Bit

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This product is designed for use by customers retrofitting sashes in-situ. If you are able to remove your sashes, you may wish to perform this operation using a conventional router or mortiser instead of this jig & bit.

You will need to ensure fitting can be carried out without damaging the glass pane or surrounding joinery. To be sure this product will work with your sashes, please read the ‘Product Details section’ below before purchasing. If you are unsure, contact a competent tradesman.

This product is designed to fit a Non-Locking ANGELF (Facefix Angel) to your sash stiles. It will not work with the locking variant or any other Angel.

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For this operation you will need a pistol drill with a 1/2″ chuck, a 2mm drill bit, a suitable sharp 1/2″ (12.5mm) chisel, a Phillips screwdriver, a pencil & a vacuum cleaner.

You will drill and fit one device first before moving to the other sash stile (the vertical timber section of the  moving upper sash).

    • Pencil mark out on your sash stiles the positions you wish to fit the Angel Ventlocks (See attached fitting guide showing ideal height to fit Angel Ventlock devices)
    • Offer up TEMPLATE 1 (the number is marked on the template) and mark through the two fixing holes with a pencil
    • Using a 2mm drill bit, pilot drill the holes to a depth of 10mm (using tape on the drill bit to indicate depth if necessary)
    • Using the screws that are supplied with the angel device, attach TEMPLATE 1 to the sash stile using the 2 small holes in the template
    • Fit the sleeved drill bit provided into the drill and drill through each hole in the TEMPLATE 1 – the depth is set by the sleeve stopping against the template
    • Remove TEMPLATE 1 and fit TEMPLATE 2 using the screws and holes you used to fit TEMPLATE 1
    • Repeat the process of drilling through each hole and then remove the template.
    • Vacuum the slot to remove any loose debris.
    • Offer up the Angel device and check for obstructions. These are likely to be the ‘peaks’ left on each side of the slot you have created .
    • Using the chisel carefully remove the peaks or obstructions taking care not to widen the slot as there is only a small lip each side of the Angel device faceplate.
    • We have found it can help to run the sleeved drill bit by hand up and down in the slot to help clear the debris
    • Keep checking the device in the slot until you get a snug fit.
    • Once fully seated in the slot, screw the device in position using the screws that came with it.
    • Repeat the process for the other sash stile.
    • Hoover and tidy.

Low Cost & Incredibly Effective

Angel Ventlock®, the low cost window opening control device (WOCD) that can help save children's lives. The unique patented design is keyless and resets once the window has been closed, keeping children safely inside. We're dedicated to improving child window safety and are tirelessly campaigning to improve standards across the US and Europe.

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    How Does Angel Ventlock® Work?

    By restricting the opening of your double hung window. Angel Ventlock® allow you to open the window for ventilation whilst making it impossible for young children to open the window far enough to get out. For adults however, it is simple to open the window fully by following the steps below.


    Once fitted the Sash will stop when opened to 100mm


    Simply press to release (repeat on opposite side)


    The window can be easily raised fully without a key


    The arm automatically resets to original position once closed

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